Hello it’s Heather from the Sunshine & PowerCuts podcast.

In association with Geeks Rising from the 10th to the 16th of August, or 11th to 17th if you’re in a timezone near New Zealand, we are hosting the second 2019 Sunshine Summit.

It’s a week of livestreams with amazing content creators and their communities with the theme of celebrating connections.

All of the details for the upcoming Summit as well as replays from our previous events and where the livestreams will be happening, can be found at sunshinesummit.live. A huge thank you to the patrons of Sunshine & PowerCuts for making it possible!

So check it out.

And if you know our guests we’d love to you to come and celebrate with us.

And if they are new to you, come along and learn more about them and we look forward to celebrating connections with you.

August 2019 Guest List:
Day 1:
Kate – Ignorance Was Bliss – 5pm EDT Sat 10th (9am NZT Sun 11th)
Bettina & Ninorah – NRI Woman – 9:30pm EDT Sat 10th (1:30pm NZT Sun 11th)

Day 2:
Dave Lee – The Waves of Tech / International Podcast Day – 5pm EDT Sun 11th (9am NZT Mon 12th)
Chris Curran – Podcast Engineering School & Show / Podcaster’s Lounge – 8pm EDT Sun 11th (12pm NZT Mon 12th)

Day 3:
Chris Green – Gravity Beard / Underdog Podcast Community – 5pm EDT Mon 12th (9am NZT Tues 13th)
Ben Brown – Tourette’s Podcast / Member of Geeks Rising – 9pm EDT Mon 12th (1pm NZT Tues 13th)

Day 4:
Cross Play Compatible – Play ComicsReal Dudes PodcastGamerheads Podcast – 8pm EDT Tues 13th 12pm NZT Wed 14th)

Day 5:
Lisa & Sam – I shake My Head – 9pm EDT Wed 14th (1pm NZT Thurs 15th)
Day 6:
Geeks Rising Podcast Network – Bandrew Says PodcastOn The SubjectConversations with CreatorsSunshine & PowerCuts – 10pm EDT Thurs 15th (2pm NZT Fri 16th NZT)
Day 7:
Join Heather for a fun finale – time TBC

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So please share this event, and bring friends! 
It’s going to be a lot of fun!

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