Bonus 02 – International Podcast Day 2017

September 30th

Interested in learning more about the history behind podcasting?
Listen to Emily Prokop’s episode on The Story Behind Podcasts

The Official International Podcast Day Website

Catch the Official International Podcast Day live stream here

7 Days of Sunshine Challenge

Some of the podcasts on my playlist:
She Means Business – Carrie Green
The Story Behind Podcast – Emily Prokop
The Bandrew Says Podcast – Bandrew Scott
Better Podcasting – Stephen Jondrew, Stargate Pioneer
The Official Gonna Geek Show – Stephen Jondrew, Stargate Pioneer & Chris Ferrel
The RestauRant Podcast – Nick Haskins
The Dollop – Dave Anthony, Gareth Reynolds

* Update: You can watch the live recording of the show I was a guest on celebrating International Podcast Day with Stephen Jondrew, Stargate Pioneer. (When the video has been edited I’ll update the link. Thanks to everyone who came along and watched it live!)
Watch Here!

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