The Sunshine & PowerCuts Manifesto –

These are the core values and beliefs that are at the heart of everything we do and that we hope to share with others.

It is important to have a solid foundation upon which to build your life.

When you are connected to the world around you and the natural rhythms of life, you manifest a strong foundation that will sustain you throughout your life’s journey.

The message here is one of inspiration – that you can find in the simplest of things, and in nature itself. Nature is uplifting!

It is also one of empowerment – You Can Light Up the World!

There is no comparison to any other. It is about you.

When you ignite your spark, your light expands, and the darkness recedes.

When you utilize the elements, you are working with the forces of nature, and not against them.

Ultimately, the Sun is Power and we aim to Shine Brightly!


The Sunshine & PowerCuts Manifesto:

Light Up the World!

BE all that you can be!

DO all that you can do!

SHARE your Light with the World!

Capture the Sun

Harness the Wind and Water

Fuel your Fire

Grow, Learn, Love

You are connected to the Earth,

And all that is in it;

To the Seasons,

And to Life.

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