Our Mission:

To inspire and empower people to reconnect with nature and the natural rhythms of life.

So, you might be wondering what this mission is all about?

Well, as mentioned in the previous post, when you go Off-Grid you are generating your own power.

In doing so, you become acutely aware of how much power you are making and how much you are using.

You also have to tune into the weather; the more sun… the more power; thus you need to plan your activities accordingly.

It’s like getting back to the “natural rhythms of life” where you rise with the sun, work during the daylight and sleep when it gets dark.

Literally – the Sun is Power!

And what an awesome Power Source it is!

So we have aligned our Mission with the aim of inspiring and empowering a re-connection to nature and the natural rhythms of life.

Power Consumption:

You might know that household appliances with a heating element use lots of power. For example: kettles, toasters, ovens, hot water cylinders, heaters.

But this comes into full effect when you switch an electric kettle on with an Off-Grid system.

Even more so if the sun hadn’t been shining much that day, or there was very little wind… and it cuts the power off. (If you are using a battery bank – it is not recommended to run them completely flat, so your system usually has a cut off point to prevent the battery levels getting too low, and allowing them to recharge.)

So essentially, when you live Off-Grid you rely on good weather to power your home.

Re-Connection: Just like back in them good ol’ days.

You’ve heard of the phrase “Going Back to Basics”? It’s often coined when people refer to going Off-Grid.

Well, though it might seem that Life was more basic and simpler back then, it was actually a mission – a lot of hard work!

True – In this day and age we have a lot of complicated activities and technologies now. The technologies have all been developed in the process to ‘ make life easier’. They do the “work” for you, and  they use electricity to do it.

But way back, when things seemed simple, just getting through the day was back-breaking and exhausting.

They key is that people back then were more active, spent more time outdoors and were more in sync with the weather and nature than we are today.

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