PowEp028 – Stargazing, Internet Outages and micro-grids

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Quick recap, 
In March 2019 we hosted the Sunshine Summit and the videos from the 11 guest segments are available on sunshinesummit.live 
Also there you’ll find the link to Register your Interest to participate in future Sunshine Summits events.
The next one event will be in August 2019.

But before then, in May 2019 I am proud to be returning as a podcast partner for the 3rd annual Livestream for the Cure event.
There is an audio clip from Nick and Justin from Epic Film Guys to tell you more about it.

My segment is on Fri 17th May 9pm EST (Sat 18th May at 1pm NZT) and I’d love you to join me live!
If you’re able to donate that would be incredible, either way please share the event to help spread the word about this worthy cause.
All the details of the event are available at livestreamforthecure.com

Guest Spot:
I also was recently a guest on the Ignorance Was Bliss Podcast with Kate.
There is a disclaimer at the beginning of each episode – listener discretion is advised.

In this Episode:
I talk about the weather and how much I’ve been enjoying the nights outdoors.
I answer a question about fruits and vegetables from Logan Naugle, co-host of Conversations with Creators and On the Subject which are also a part of the Geeks Rising Network.
Then I have some questions about internet connections and I’d love to know your answers:

Have you been without the internet so far in 2019? 
How long have you been without it? 
Was it On purpose? 
Or due to an outage? 
How did it make you feel? Or if you haven’t been without internet recently, how would you feel if there was an outage?
And what did you/would you do in the meantime?

Follow up question, how long could you last without it?

Then I close the episode with a few thoughts on the article Off-Grid Microgrid: Solar + Batteries +Thermal Generation by Darrell Proctor.

Links from this Episode:
For more information about my favourite fruit – Feijoa – check out this link to Tui Garden

Link to the article Off-Grid Microgrid: Solar + Batteries +Thermal Generation by Darrell Proctor:


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