SunEp020 – Resilience
Our felxibility, and our ability to bend and flex and bounce back and recover from adversity.

It’s not just about endurance, it’s about how you recharge, adapt to change and reclaim your power.


Hello and welcome to the Sunshine & PowerCuts podcast.
My name is Heather and I am your host on this journey of empowerment.

This podcast features two types of episodes which alternate.

Sunshine ones like this one offer inspiration drawn from nature,

and the PowerCut episodes are where I share insights into my life living off the power grid.

Embark on a journey empowered by nature, then continue the conversation as part of the Sunshine & PowerCuts Community


This episode begins with a recap:

August 2018 marked the 1st anniversary of this podcast.

Thank you for taking the time to connect and listen, for sharing it with a friend, connecting on social media, sending questions, leaving a review and for your support.

Our connection and your support helps us to shine bright and light up the world together.

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Celebrate the Power of Podcasting
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Listen to: Bonus Episode 02 – International Podcast Day 2017

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