SunEp023 – Part 1 Emily Prokop

A special two part series featuring Emily Prokop, host of The Story Behind Podcast and author of The Story Behind Book. Emily also co-hosts a podcast with John Bukenas called Hate to Weight. Emily was one of my first connections in podcasting and joined me for the March 2018 Sunshine Summit and I had the privilege of catching up with her and we talk about a lot!

In Part 1:
An introduction to The Story Behind and my connection with Emily
The story behind her first book based on her podcast
How she chose the book topics, including the chapter on Solar Panels
We talk about Seasonal Affective Disorder
What Emily does for her wellbeing
Tools to help with Productivity
How to Turn Your Podcast into a Book Article:
Then tune in for the conclusion in Part 2 in PowEp023


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March 2018 Sunshine Summit – with Emily Prokop
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