Alternative Power: Solar, Wind, Hydro…

There are so many options for alternative power!

Solar Panels. Wind turbines. Hydro-electric power. Diesel / Petrol Generator….

Every system will be unique, as there is NO “One Size Fits All” solution.

Requirements, budgets, components and set-up will all be unique to the individual owner.


…Then there’s “Homesteading” or “Self-Sufficiency”…

These terms are extensions of Off-Grid living.

In other words – They are Lifestyles. They are How people organize and live their lives while generating their own power.

Off-Grid means “not connected to the National Power Grid”

Yep. That’s it.

It means your place isn’t hooked up via cables and transformers to the power wires that the National Power company has set-up and use to distribute power.

Off-Grid means you generate your own power via alternative power options. Or have none at all.

Whatever works for you.

There’s even “Grid-Tied” solutions!

Sure, there are Commercial Packages now widely available. These are advertised on t.v, radio, social media…

What’s right for you?

Well… that’s up to you.

Not helpful?

Here’s the thing: the reality of going Fully Off-Grid is not a realistic option for the majority/


  • The cost of the system- it costs a lot whether you are going Grid-Tied or a stand-alone Off-Grid system.
  • The technical details – You are setting up a Power System…
  • Unless you live or are moving to a remote, isolated location that has no other power options available, you are most likely to be On-the-Grid currently.
  • It costs money to move to a remote isolated location. Also to build a house. And to set-up everything else you need for that lifestyle. Oh yeah, and lot of hard work and time!

So the next questions are – Do you want to go Off-Grid? And If So, Why?

Want to get back to nature and live a self-sufficient and Eco-friendly lifestyle?

You just bought a section somewhere and are looking at getting power to site?

Want to reduce your current On-Grid power bill by selling power back to the Grid?


We’d love to hear your Why! Or your experiences with Alternative Power! Email us at or leave a comment below!

The best thing about our system – It is Custom Built!

We decided what we would need, and how we would use it.

So this meant we didn’t have a huge initial cost outlay!

We started small!

Like seriously small… with 1 solar panel, 1 battery and a small inverter… which didn’t power a lot.

We now have 12 panels, 16 batteries, a regulator, an inverter/charger and a backup generator. We have a woodfire wetback and oven to heat the hot water and cook with. The kitchen also features a full free-standing gas hob and oven.

We’ve got plans to add on to our system, and a gas hotwater system waiting to be installed for more instant hot water.

…You remember that figure from the last post?

How much it was going to cost us to go On-Grid?…

What if I was to tell you, since 2011 we have spent just over 1/2 of that for our whole system, running costs and maintenance?!