SunEp028 – Connections: Sunshine, PowerCuts, Summits

This marks the 60th episode of the Sunshine & PowerCuts Podcast.
In the early days, there were a few bonus episodes due to the excitement for this creative journey and gratitude for the support I received early on.

And, here we are.
60 episodes, a number of guest appearances, three livestream events with 34 guest spots…

It would all be for naught without you.
Thank you!
To the listeners of the podcast!
To those who have become patrons!
To the other podcast hosts who have invited me to join them in conversations.
To the mentors and new found friends, as well as the other content creators and their audiences that have supported and participated in the Sunshine Summits.

Naturally, at the heart of Sunshine & PowerCuts is connections.
Being connected to nature as a resource for generating both electrical power and for our own health and empowerment. When we face challenges or experience powercuts (lost connections) in life, we need to reconnect, re-sync and recharge. 
And along our journeys we connect with resources and people that help us and which we are truly grateful for and they are an integral part of our journey of learning about ourselves and the world around us.
Bringing people together to shine a light on and share those experiences is powerful.

We have three previous episodes on Connections with guests: Jilanne HolderAlysa Lucas and Emily Prokop.

For this episode, the tables are turned and with the help of the wonderful Stephanie Fuccio of Changing Scripts, Virtual Expats and Expat Rewind who was one of my guests for the March 2019 Sunshine Summit and offered to interview me, we look at the theme of connections which is the foundation and link between the sunshine, the powercuts and the summits.

Thank you to the following Sunshine Summit Guests for their questions:
Derek Graziano – Rolling Misadventures
Win Kelly Charles – Ask Win Podcast
Emily Prokop – Story Behind Podcast & E-Podcast Productions
Stargate Pioneer – Better Podcasting
Anthony Conte – Off Center Archers Podcast
Paul Csomo – Varmints Podcast

I hope that you enjoy this insight into myself, and what this is all about.

Hello and welcome to the Sunshine & PowerCuts podcast.
My name is Heather and I am your host on this journey of empowerment.

This podcast features two types of episodes which alternate.

Sunshine ones like this one offer inspiration drawn from nature, 
and the PowerCut episodes are where I share insights into my life living off the power grid.

Embark on a journey empowered by nature, then continue the conversation as part of the Sunshine & PowerCuts Community


I’d love to hear from you:
What have been your highlights from the podcast and or the Sunshine Summit events?
Which episodes are your favourites?
Which Summit guest spots were you able to join live?
When and how have you been inspired or empowered by them?
What connections have you made, or re-connections have you discovered to yourself and the world around you?
What connections do you celebrate?
What examples from nature would you like to explore?

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