SunEp027 – Music By Nature

The quote from Shakespeare “The earth has music for those who listen” is a favourite one of mine and the foundation of this episode. So is my motto Life is beautiful; enjoy it’s beauty, because the gifts of nature are there for us to enjoy if we make time and take time to experience them.

Sound, and particularly music is an important part of my wellbeing.
I’ve also mentioned elsewhere that when I go out in nature I leave other sounds behind and just absorb the sounds of the world around me.

Hello and welcome to the Sunshine & PowerCuts podcast.
My name is Heather and I am your host on this journey of empowerment.

This podcast features two types of episodes which alternate.

Sunshine ones like this one offer inspiration drawn from nature,
and the PowerCut episodes are where I share insights into my life living off the power grid.

Embark on a journey empowered by nature, then continue the conversation as part of the Sunshine & PowerCuts Community

From this Episode:

This episode is related to SunEp003 – Be Still and PowEp026 – Heatwave, Thermodynamics, Music by Nature.

And the journal article I reference in this episode is: Sound Matters: Essay / Music By Nature

I’d love to hear from you:
I ask a lot of questions throughout this episode related to music, and the sounds you enjoy. Let me know which sounds you hear often, where and when you make time to listen? What did you notice when you tuned in to your own internal self-noise? And when have you experienced the sounds of nature recreated or represented by music? Have you been empowered by the sounds of nature and or the music you listen to?

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